Submition Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

  • Press Release should be objective — don’t use casual first-person language (I, we, you, etc).
  • Content should have a legitimate news angle (announcing something new and/or timely).
  • Don’t write your press releases like an advertisement or a sales letter.
  • Content should keep an impartial tone throughout the press release.
  • Please don’t ask a question(s) in a press release.
  • Use uppercase and lowercase lettering appropriately.
  • Please ensure links are formatted correctly.
  • Make sure each paragraph is spaced out with a line.
  • Please ensure press release is properly formatted e.g. do not double space unnecessarily, use appropriate punctuation and symbols.
  • Only include a quote that someone might have actually said.
  • Press release links should be limited to 1 per 700 words.
  • Press releases should not contain references or links to sexually explicit material, illegal material or profane language.
  • Content should not have the intent to harm or exact personal revenge against a person or group.
  • SPAM related words that will be filtered out by spam filters should refrain.
  • Include available contact information where possible.
  • Do not place email addresses within the body of the press release.
  • Content should contain no or few grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Do not use special characters and symbols in a headline such as ™ or ©.